Custom Comfort Medtek Signs Agreement to Sell Medical Furniture on Premier GPO’s New e-Commerce Marketplace stockd.

WINTER PARK, FL – Custom Comfort Medtek has signed an agreement to sell specialty medical furniture and related products on stockd., an e-commerce marketplace powered by Premier, a leading healthcare improvement company with more than three decades of healthcare purchasing expertise. Effective immediately, the agreement allows Custom Comfort Medtek to make products available for purchase on the stockd. marketplace. Custom Comfort Medtek will feature medical furniture including blood draw...

A Guide to Cleaning Medical Furniture

Furniture in medical clinics, hospitals and doctors’ offices needs to be kept exceptionally clean. Not only do exam tables, beds and bed rails, carts, phlebotomy chairs and other medical furniture items get constant use, they also can be subject to blood, bodily fluids and other contaminants. Some pathogens can even live on surfaces for up to 5 months outside a host. Germs and bacteria on medical furniture and hard surfaces can spread disease and cause particularly serious problems for...

Clinical Comfort -- Features and Benefits of Medical Recliners

Reclining chairs are used in medical facilities to keep patients comfortable while recovering from illness or surgery or undergoing procedures, such as dialysis or chemotherapy. They are built to be durable, functional and low maintenance. Recliners also include an array of features such as swing-away arms, height-adjustable seating and Trendelenburg positioning to ensure that patients are safe while seated. As hospitals and medical centers face increasing demands to reduce infections, lower...

Connecting Color and Well Being: Using Color in Medical Design

When University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital administrators considered interior color options for their new 14-story facility, patients made one thing clear: White and beige were out. “Families wanted an environment that was more welcoming,” the hospital said. With that in mind, designers went with colors that reflected Iowa’s natural environment and landscape in shades of blue, green and purple. The psychology behind color has long played a role in medical facility interior design,...

Portable Donor Chairs Help Blood Banks Prepare For Emergencies

In the wake of recent disasters and emergencies, ordinary people knew how to be heroes: they lined up to give blood. Blood can be a literal lifesaver for communities dealing with a crisis, which is why the American Red Cross and other organizations often issue calls for donors. But handling the outpouring of goodwill means blood banks have to be prepared in advance – with plans, personnel and equipment to meet the need. “Mobile phlebotomy is crucial in the aftermath of an emergency,” said Chad...

Custom Comfort Medtek: Quality Made in America

When purchasing specialty medical furniture, buyers often look to quality, design, affordability and reliability to make a decision. But they sometimes overlook an important benchmark: where the furniture is made. At Custom Comfort Medtek, “Made in America” is more than just a motto – it’s a way of life. Unlike mass-produced Chinese imports, our specialty medical furniture items and related products, including blood draw chairs, exam tables and supply cabinets, are designed in our facility and...

4 Trends Shaping Healthcare Furniture Design

Furniture for clinics and medical facilities has to be functional. Appearance counts – buyers want items that are attractive and up to date – but practicality is what’s driving current trends in the field of medical furniture design. “Buyers consider all of the features that make an item of furniture suitable for their clinic or office,” said Chad Dunbar, vice president of Custom Comfort Medtek, an American manufacturer of blood draw chairs, exam tables and a range...

Custom Comfort Medtek Renews Membership With Attainia

Custom Comfort Medtek’s relationship with Attainia connects the company’s catalog of high-quality products with the equipment planners, architects, contractors and hospital administrators who are primarily responsible for building and equipping new and renovated facilities.

Custom Comfort Medtek Enters Supplier Partner Agreement With Premier

Custom Comfort Medtek is proud to announce that it has been awarded a group purchasing agreement for the Modular Casework and Carts category of products with Premier, Inc. Effective July 1, the new agreement allows Premier members, at their discretion, to take advantage of special pricing and terms pre-negotiated by Premier for Custom Comfort Medtek’s designated products.

Comfort And Inclusion: Accommodating Bariatric Patients

As average weights in America continue to climb, the number of weight-related health problems also increases. Hospitals and medical clinics are finding that ever-growing numbers of patients are obese. They are continuously implementing changes to accommodate bariatric patients and keep both them and facility care teams safe.

Distractions That May Ease Needle Phobia

While most people can handle the stick of a needle with little to no problem, others struggle with genuine fear that triggers chest pain, a racing heart, hot and cold flushes, dizziness or nausea. Some even faint at the mere sight of these common therapeutic implements.

Custom Comfort Joins OpenMarkets, A Healthcare Equipment Supplier

OpenMarkets, a platform to buy and sell healthcare capital equipment, announced that Custom Comfort Medtek has joined the OpenMarkets community of healthcare suppliers and providers. OpenMarkets will populate its marketplace software with Custom Comfort Medtek’s catalog of medical furniture and healthcare supplies to increase customer awareness and sales.

Custom Comfort Medtek Announces Its New VA FSS Contract

Custom Comfort Medtek (CCM), a market leader in the manufacture of fine medical furniture and supplies, is pleased to announce the renewal of its VA FSS contract certification. A valid VA FSS contract allows CCM direct access to many federal buyers, including the Veterans Administration (VA). “We are proud to continue to serve our acting military and veterans community,” said CCM Vice President Chad Dunbar.

Custom Comfort Medtek Debuts Sliding L-Arm For Clinical Chairs

To accommodate patients of all sizes, Custom Comfort Medtek (CCM), a U.S.-based manufacturer of fine medical furniture, has developed a sliding L-arm for use with select models of its clinical chairs. With the simple twist of a handle, a phlebotomist can adjust the arm to make the blood-draw experience more comfortable and convenient for patients, even those who are tall or bariatric.

Sit On It: Why The Phlebotomy Chair Matters

Truth be told, needles are scary. According to a survey conducted by Target, nearly 45 million Americans are afraid of needles. If you type “I have a fear of needles” into Google, you will be flooded with more than 10 million search results. Patients are desperately looking to find ways to overcome their needle phobia, and phlebotomists can help by making them feel comfortable – which starts with the chair in which they sit.

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Power Blood Draw Chair 1202 - L/AP

Portable Folding Donor Bed JA1885

Narrow Blood Draw Chair 1202-LU/N

Portable Draw Chair JA1202-FC

Bariatric Draw Chair 1202-SXXL

Power Bariatric Exam Table 8010X-AP

Wall Away Recliner MC1227-WA

Power Bariatric Recliner BA1508-B-EM

Donor Bed with Adjustable Draw Arms SA1403

Mobile Supply Cabinets SC6041/SC6066

Mobile Supply Cart GN1060J

Phlebotomy Cart 3015SC

Computer Cart CC1030

Adjustable Height Blood Draw Chair 1202-LU/AH

Free Standing Donor Bed SA1403

Cabinet Exam Table 8070

Free Standing Mini Exam Table MA3091-FS

Traveling Arm Medical Recliner VM5000-L

Medical Stool 4070-CQB