Custom Comfort Medtek Celebrates 35 Years of Medical Furniture Innovation

Custom Comfort Medtek started in a home garage with a single employee and the goal of creating high-quality, customizable medical furniture suitable for all patients.

Today, 35 years later, the company has reached beyond its goal through skill, enthusiasm and determination. As Custom Comfort Medtek celebrates its milestone, the company’s leaders reflect on the past and plan for the future.

Willie has been with Custom Comfort Medtek since 1999.

Vice President Chad Dunbar said the anniversary highlights the company’s important role in healthcare and celebrates the hardworking employees who strive for excellence.

“Since day one, Custom Comfort Medtek has raised the bar in the medical furniture industry by continually examining the current and future needs. We have remained flexible and adaptable to grow with the healthcare field,” Dunbar said. “Thank you to our customers, employees and partners who made us what we are. You can expect more great things from us in the next 35 years and beyond.”?

Custom Comfort, as the company was first known, opened in 1987 with the owner and a single employee. In 2002, Peter Gaughn became the company’s owner and president.

Prior to acquiring CCM, Gaughn was president and CEO of PIP, a nationwide printing franchise. Gaughn also served as president, COO, and later CEO, of BCT International (BCTI), a holding company for the nation’s largest wholesale printing plant.

As the head of Custom Comfort Medtek, Gaughn has increased sales exponentially, moved company operations into a 50,000-square-foot facility in Central Florida and expanded its product line, focusing on metal fabrication, woodworking and cabinetry, electronics, assembly and customized solutions.

"Gary and Peter" - Plant manager and first employee Gary Newton
(sitting) with company president Peter Gaughn.

Custom Comfort Medtek designs and manufactures medical furniture that includes phlebotomy chairs, portable blood draw chairs, supply carts and medical cabinets. Other pieces – such as bariatric chairs, the sliding L-arm and customizable furniture options – set Custom Comfort Medtek apart in the industry. Customers can rest assured the products are extensively tested to meet safety standards and compliance measures under U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Canadian regulations, Prop 65, BIFMA and ETL/CSA/UL certification.

Such stringent quality controls mean Custom Comfort Medtek products have never been recalled and are covered under warranty. The “Made in America” standard means customers won’t face the long delays that come with imports or the chances replacement parts won’t be available when needed.

Bruce has been with Custom Comfort since 2002.

There’s no doubt employees take pride in their work. All new employees work under a mentor who ensures they understand in-house procedures and standards. All materials and components that comes into the facility undergoes the same exacting inspection as every piece of medical furniture that leaves.

In fact, employees are so passionate about Custom Comfort Medtek that many have been with the company for a decade or more. To this day, the very first employee – plant manager Gary Newton (who is celebrating 35 years with the company) – remains steadfast in his commitment to Custom Comfort Medtek excellence. The company sees employee longevity as yet another reason it is so successful.

“Custom Comfort Medtek is a future-ready company that works to 100% customer satisfaction,” Dunbar said. “That we are celebrating 35 years in business speaks volumes about our skill, quality and customer service.”?

About Custom Comfort Medtek

Custom Comfort Medtek has been manufacturing specialty medical furniture and related products since 1987. Located in Central Florida, the company prides itself on designing products to meet a variety of clinical needs for customers worldwide. Visit the company’s website to request a digital catalog or contact the company directly at 800-749-0933.

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