Blood Banks Hosting Drives: Helping the Community in Times of Need

Every day across the country, Americans roll up their sleeves to save lives, providing essential blood donations to strangers. Blood donations are essential to medical care across the United States, but would not be possible without the organizations – both for- and non-profits – that coordinate the drives.

Community blood drives bring people from all walks of life together in support of a single cause. Organizations that accept the donations — including the American Red Cross, America’s Blood Centers and local blood banks — have made the process for planning and coordinating a drive effortless. The organizations say successful events rely on these elements:

  • Community Partners
    Civic organizations or businesses that partner with blood banks help coordinate activities for the best community attendance.

  • Volunteers
    Volunteers register donors, answer questions and keep donors comfortable while they wait. Volunteers also provide post-donation refreshments and help donors sign up for the next donation opportunity.

  • Outreach
    Successful donation programs recruit volunteers through social media, local news and other forms of outreach.

Another essential feature is comfortable accommodations for donors. While some blood drives are held in donation centers or mobile units, many are located in more public areas such as schools, community centers and business conference rooms. Donor events may even be held inside large tents or outdoors. Portable donor chairs and beds are easy for volunteers to set up at these events and comfortable enough to accommodate donors.

Custom Comfort Medtek offers three styles of portable blood draw chairs and beds to meet a variety of needs:

  • Folding phlebotomy chair
    With a padded seat and backrest, reinforced steel frame and padded armrests, the folding donor chair (JA1201-FC) is sturdy and compact. The chair weighs 26 pounds and can support 275 pounds. It is also available in multiple colors and ideal for small spaces.

  • Portable foldable donor bed
    Lightweight and manageable, the portable foldable donor bed (JA1885) is designed for the donor’s comfort with an 6-inch armrest that can be used on either side. The beds are made from aluminum and vinyl strapping to hold up to 300 pounds.

    The beds allow donors to sit in an upright position or a complete recline. When not in use, the pound beds fold to a compact 8 inches and can be transported in groups of four on an optional wheeled transport dolly. A second armrest, lounge pad and supply tray can be added for additional comfort and convenience.

  • Portable donor bed
    At just 27 pounds each, the portable donor bed (JA2018) provides the comfort and portability needed during blood draw events. The beds, made from sturdy aluminum tubing and durable vinyl strapping with a single armrest, allow donors to sit upright or reclined. A second armrest, lounge pad and supply tray can be added.

    The beds are manufactured to accommodate up to 350 pounds and are stackable for easy storage. An optional wheeled transport kit allows for ease of movement.

Portable donor beds and chairs ensure that blood drives can be ready at a moment’s notice to meet immediate community needs.

Custom Comfort Medtek offers a full range of medical furniture and related products, including portable blood donor chairs and beds. For more information about any of our products, visit our website at or call our customer service line at 800-749-0933.

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