Custom Comfort Medtek: Quality Made in America

When purchasing specialty medical furniture, buyers often look to quality, design, affordability and reliability to make a decision. But they sometimes overlook an important benchmark: where the furniture is made.

At Custom Comfort Medtek, “Made in America” is more than just a motto – it’s a way of life.

Unlike mass-produced Chinese imports, our specialty medical furniture items and related products, including blood draw chairs, exam tables and supply cabinets, are designed in our facility and custom made with safety and comfort in mind. Our products also exceed the manufacturing and quality-control standards of imported items.

“For more than 30 years, Custom Comfort Medtek has been surpassing customer expectations with quality products and superior service,” said Chad Dunbar, Custom Comfort vice president. “Our products are uniquely American, from order through delivery, right down to the steel framework.”

Custom Comfort is a proven leader in the industry with its Made-in-America focus. While many U.S. companies are just starting to consider domestic sourcing, according to The Economist, we have always been ahead of the curve.

Consider this:

  • CCM hits all the marks for safety standards, including establishing and maintaining an independent, third-party quality-control auditing system and abiding by stringent compliance measures including Food and Drug Administration and Canadian regulations, Prop 65, Cal 133 and ETL/UL certification.
  • CCM customers can call the factory directly and promptly speak to a company representative in either English or Spanish. These conversations bring us real-world suggestions for product refinement and improvement as well as requests for new items.
  • No CCM orders risk being hit with the high tariffs that come with some imports.
  • CCM has never had a product recalled in its 30-plus years in business. The company is also insured for product liability. As for the overseas imports, a study published in the New York Times showed that 95 percent of product recalls over a nearly 20-year period were for Chinese-made items.

American products come with other benefits as well. Unlike the medical furniture made in other countries, CCM’s specialty furniture ships fully welded and does not require on-site assembly. Product videos, product parts sheets and spare parts are all easy to access.

CCM’s orders also come with short lead times (less than 10 business days) and full warranties. All shipments have serial numbers to make tracking simple. We also offer flexible payment terms, so our customers don’t have to risk wiring payments with their purchase orders – a common practice with overseas providers.

Dunbar said what further sets CCM apart is the opportunity for customers to customize their orders. Much of CCM’s specialty furniture comes in a variety of color choices, including 32 vinyl colors, three powder-coating colors and 27 shades of laminate. The medical grade vinyl and 3-gauge (or stronger) metal ensure that our furniture can hold up to the toughest medical challenges. Mass-produced overseas products can’t live up to those standards.

Comparing Custom Comfort’s products to overseas goods should easily convince buyers that American-made is the way to go, according to Dunbar.

“We believe our commitment to excellence defines us as a company and showcases our desire to help patients worldwide,” he said. “Let us show you what American ingenuity and workmanship can provide to your health care facility.”

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