Moving in the Right Direction: Mobile Carts Improving Organization and Efficiency in Healthcare

For more than a decade, healthcare organizations have been working toward the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Triple Aim initiative, which strives to improve patient care experiences and population health while reducing healthcare costs. Within the Triple Aim framework, organization and efficiency are essential.

Every day, medical practices and clinics satisfy some of the initiative's goals by using a simple and effective tool: mobile carts. Mobile medical carts are the workhorses of the medical office. They are used to organize, store, protect and transport medical supplies, computers, medication, hazardous waste, records and other essentials.

As the healthcare sector continues to grow, the need for portable compact workstations climbs as well. Medical professionals need carts that can pull double and triple duty as movable offices, storage areas and tabletop workspaces. At the same time, portable carts must be agile, adjustable and rugged. 

To meet the needs, medical carts come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  Some compact models fit under counters for quick storage, while tall carts allow for easy movement without the worry of user back pain. Some mobile supply carts also have divided compartments, removable trays and space for trash and sharps containers. Added features, including non-marking casters, soft-close drawers and ergonomic handles increase the functionality of mobile carts.

Custom Comfort Medtek, a leading manufacturer of quality medical furniture, offers numerous solutions to mobile medical needs, including computer carts, adjustable-height carts and slanted-shelf and angled-bin carts. Custom Comfort Medtek also manufactures carts with specialty locks and nonferrous materials to meet the safety requirements of magnetic imaging labs.

About Custom Comfort Medtek

Custom Comfort Medtek has been manufacturing specialty medical furniture and related products since 1987. Located in Central Florida, the company prides itself on designing products to meet a variety of clinical needs for customers worldwide. Visit the company’s website to request a digital catalog or contact the company directly at 800-749-0933.

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