Bariatric vs. Standard Blood Draw Chairs: Know the Differences

When bariatric patients get blood drawn, they expect their seating to provide the same level of safety, security and comfort that thinner patients receive. However, the average phlebotomy chairs are not designed to meet the needs of patients with obesity.

Bariatric chairs for larger, heavier patients are an essential component for a successful blood draw. The larger chairs not only provide all the safety and comfort measures patients expect, but they also allow patients to maintain their dignity.

On average, the standard blood draw chair has about 21 inches of space between armrests and can hold up to 300 pounds. Bariatric chairs have larger areas between armrests (about 35 inches) and can hold patients who weigh 500 pounds or more.

Bariatric phlebotomy chairs also provide patients with better ingress and egress capabilities to ease a transition to and from a seated position. Adjustable armrests that are wideset and maneuverable deliver the stability patients need to stand with minimal assistance. A sturdy footrest keeps patients in a good position for the blood draw.

In a clinical setting, bariatric chairs don’t have to stand out as misplaced or oversized. Medical specialty furniture companies manufacture bariatric blood draw chairs that complement the surrounding furniture, so larger patients will never feel marginalized or demeaned.

Custom Comfort Medtek offers a range of bariatric blood draw chairs, some of which can accommodate up to 1,000 pounds. Similar to the company’s other medical furniture, the bariatric chairs are made from commercial-grade vinyl with welded steel frames.

About Custom Comfort Medtek

Custom Comfort Medtek has been manufacturing specialty medical furniture and related products since 1987. Located in Central Florida, the company prides itself on designing products to meet a variety of clinical needs for customers worldwide.

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