5 Tips for Selecting the Right Medical Furniture for Your Office

Searching for and selecting the right furniture to fit your medical office or center can be a daunting task, whether you’re working with a completely new design or just looking for a few new pieces. There are many factors that go into the decision that could affect how your employees or patients feel when visiting your building.

Comfort, color, ease of cleaning and other aspects are crucial to picking the furniture you want in your office. While you may want to make an aesthetic statement, looks aren’t the only thing that needs to be considered. We’ve compiled a list of the top five most important things to look for in the medical furniture you order:

1. Design

The aesthetics of an office can significantly add to the overall patient experience, and it can also create a more positive work environment for employees. While layout is important as well, color can have a positive or negative affect on a space. There is a form of psychology when it comes to color of medical or fashion furniture, as color can create different moods or feelings for people in the space. For example, while blue can be calming and tranquil, the color white can depict cleanliness or simplicity.

You also want to take the size of specific items into account. Does your waiting room have enough space to not feel cluttered and uncomfortable? Are your exam rooms spacious enough for patients, doctors and other medical staff to move around comfortably? It’s important to take every aspect of design into account when determining a layout of an office and what goes inside it.

2. Comfort

Obviously, you want patients to feel comfortable during examinations and medical procedures, as well as in the waiting room. The comfort of your medical furniture should reflect the duration of the stay for patients. For example, if you’re outfitting a maternity ward, you would ensure beds are comfortable and there is additional seating for both short-term and overnight guests of the patient.

There are specific features to look out for when it comes to comfort in everyday medical furnishings as well. Mushroom-shaped backs can offer more head and shoulder support, adjustable chair arms can cater to individual patient needs, a contoured leg rise can alleviate knee pressure, and more. You can find more features that can make a patient more comfortable by searching through catalogs.

3. Dependability/Warranty

Although it may not be an exciting part of looking for the perfect furniture additions, a good warranty may be one of the most important things to look for in your research. The best-case scenario is finding a company that manufactures their products in house. Custom Comfort Medtek is one company that still manufactures parts for all its products at their own facility.

There are three major warranty types you may see: full warranty, limited warranty and express warranty. A full warranty is an unlimited product performance guarantee, and these are relatively rare as it effectively lasts forever. A limited warranty is subject to each manufacturer’s determined limits and will last for a set number of years. Finally, an express warranty is any performance guarantee from a company, including advertising, promotions, and written promises. If a salesperson writes in an invoice that a product can withstand a certain weight, that is an express warranty.

4. Functionality/Strength

Patients of all sizes should be considered when purchasing medical furniture, so strength of frame and weight limits should be taken into consideration. Additionally, furniture must be sturdy enough for people to anchor their weight to stand up or be adjustable to different heights to decrease the fall risk. Sturdy furniture is crucial for patients to remain balanced and safe.

Bariatric seating should be included in any medical office. According to the CDC as of September 2021, adult obesity rates are higher than 35% in 16 states across the US. Bariatric-friendly furniture in exam rooms, surgical suites, waiting rooms, etc. should consider pain reduction, slip and fall reduction, social and physical support and more.

5. Sanitation

Germs are everywhere, especially in the healthcare industry, so in purchasing medical furniture you must be cognizant of choosing easy-to-sanitize products. Seams, stitching and crevices can harbor bacteria, as can rough-surface countertops or drawers. Couches and chairs with removable cushions are also something to consider, as they are more convenient to clean and disinfect.

Keep a guide on hand to reinstate the importance of sanitizing and cleaning the proper way. Once your furniture has been selected and purchased, always keep and refer to the manufacturers’ instructions for proper cleaning techniques.

By selecting the right furniture for your healthcare facility, you can ensure patients feel comfortable and safe in your care. Creating a positive initial experience will cause people to return for future care and follow-ups. Remember to always keep patient needs in mind when shopping, as well as the specific needs of your office and staff.

About Custom Comfort Medtek

Custom Comfort Medtek has been manufacturing specialty medical furniture and related products since 1987. Located in Central Florida, the company prides itself on designing products to meet a variety of clinical needs for customers worldwide. Visit the Custom Comfort Medtek website to request a digital catalog or contact the company directly at 800-749-0933.

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