The Psychology of Color in Medical Furniture Design

The Psychology of Color in Medical Furniture Design

The psychology behind color has long played a role in medical facility interior design. For centuries, scientists have linked color to emotional response.

Underpinning the link between color and healing are the three basic properties of color: hue, chroma (saturation) and value (tone or lightness). Variations in any of the three elements can affect the emotional response to color, researchers found. Color psychology interconnects human behavior and emotion to color in these ways:

A cool and calming color, blue symbolizes sky, sea and peace. Blue evokes feelings of serenity, stability and reliability. It encourages feelings of trust and confidence.

As an attention-grabbing color, yellow reflects energy and warmth. It stimulates mental alertness and symbolizes freshness and clarity.

Black represents sophistication and elegance. Mysterious and professional, black is also associated with power and authority.

White conveys youth and cleanliness. White is pure, modern and safe and suggests simplicity, protection and goodness.

Green invokes feelings of calm, relaxation and commune with nature. It represents stability, persistence and balance while encouraging thoughts of harmony and joy.

Orange symbolizes warmth, balance and enthusiasm while encouraging happiness and creativity. Orange is eye-catching and is known to stimulate the appetite.

As an earth tone, brown symbolizes nature, security and strength. It can create a down-to-earth feeling of comfort.

Purple brings together the calming elements of blue and the force of red. It is associated with royalty and power and suggests wealth, extravagance and pride. Purple is an uplifting and calming color.

Evidence-based research in medical design shows color impacts health care outcomes in several ways, including reducing medical errors, improving patient outcomes and increasing staff morale and productivity.

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