Custom Comfort Medtek Debuts Sliding L-Arm For Clinical Chairs

L-arm retracted

L-arm extended

To accommodate patients of all sizes, Custom Comfort Medtek (CCM), a U.S.-based manufacturer of fine medical furniture, has developed a sliding L-arm for use with select models of its clinical chairs. With the simple twist of a handle, a phlebotomist can adjust the arm to make the blood-draw experience more comfortable and convenient for patients, even those who are tall or bariatric.

Many Models To Choose

The sliding L-arm is available on the CCM 1202 series, which includes more than 14 standard, bariatric and specialty phlebotomy chairs. The L-arm is also available on all four models of VM5000 series recliners: standard, extra tall, extra wide and extra tall and wide. With this series of chairs, the L-arm reclines in conjunction with the seat to offer a more relaxed experience for the patient.

The sliding L-arm is available as an optional accessory on new chair orders, but can also be used with CCM medical specialty chairs currently in clinical use. Retrofitting allows clinics to offer a bigger, more versatile chair without having to purchase an entirely new one.

Design And Warranted

Padding on the L-arms is available in 32 colors of durable vinyl, which allows clients to have the designer look they want. Custom Comfort Medtek warrants its products to be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for up to five years. A one-year warranty is offered on all vinyl components, attachments and options.

“CCM is the only manufacturer, to our knowledge, that has their fully assembled products tested and approved as ETL Certified, not just the electrical components,” said Chad Dunbar, Vice President of CCM. “Our phlebotomy chairs were tested under the California Technical Bulletin standard (TB133), and they passed.”

All models of chairs with the new sliding L-arm, and Custom Comfort Medtek’s complete line of medical clinic equipment, can be examined in full detail on the company's website.

About Custom Comfort Medtek

Since 1987 Custom Comfort Medtek has been manufacturing medical furniture designed to fit specific clinical needs. All CCM products are made in the United States, and the majority of raw materials and components are sourced from domestic vendors. Purchase options details are available on the website,

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