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The BA1508 answers all your needs in any medical environment where comfort, mobility and versatility are required. The pneumatic reclining mechanism allows the back of the chair to be adjusted from regular recline to full Trendelenburg position by merely releasing the handle. One of the advantages of the pneumatic mechanism is that it also counter balances the weight of the patient. Patients will find the high-density foam seat comfortable even for extended periods of time. The padded armrest supports will support the patient’s arms in the recline position.

  • Extra Wide Seat
  • Infinite Recline Positions
  • 5" Heavy Duty "Quiet" Casters
  • Reclines into Trendelenburg Position
  • Arm Recline Supports

Overall Dimensions

Seat Height Seat Width Weight Capacity Overall Dimensions
20" 25" 350 lbs 30"W x 72"D


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Product Options

1508 Auxilary Straight Arms
1508 Auxilary Straight Arms medical relining chair, relining chair auxilary straight arms.

Price: $275.00

1508 Auxilary "L" Arms
1508 Auxilary "L" Arms medical relining chair, relining chair auxilary arms.

Price: $349.00

1508 Folding Trays
1508 Folding Trays medical relining chair, relining chair folding trays.

Price: $229.00

1508 Head Cover
1508 Head Cover medical relining chair, relining chair head cover, relining chair head covers.

Price: $69.00