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Your patients will appreciate the full body support and even weight distribution. By alleviating uncomfortable pressure points, the comfort of the patient/donor is ensured for extended periods of time. The BD7020 features a manual counter-balanced recline allowing the patient to be easily reclined and brought back to the upright position again. Both arms flip straight up allowing for quick and easy access to the patient. The optional pheresis adapters are designed for even more versatile positioning of the patients’ arms. Add any one of the optional storage units to keep blankets and supplies within easy reach.

  • Fully Upholstered Lounge
  • Easy Manual Recline
  • 8" Adjustable Arm Height
  • Contoured Back Support

Overall Dimensions

Adjustable Arm Height Weight Capacity Overall Dimensions
8" 325 lbs 37"W x 71"D


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Product Options

Optional Storage Shelf
Optional Storage Shelf

Price: $279.00

Optional Storage Doors
Optional Storage Doors

Price: $379.00

Optional Storage Drawers
Optional Storage Drawers

Price: $379.00

Optional Phersis Adapters
Optional Phersis Adapters phersis adapters, hersis adapter.

Price: $199.00