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The VM5000-XL series Reclining Chair features an extra wide 25” plush upholstered seat that will put your patients at ease with its maximum comfort. Larger patients will benefit from the extra space provided by the seat and the fully adjustable padded armrests that recline smoothly with the patient.

The chair allows for absolute versatility with its reclining positions: upright, recline, and full recline. Further optimize the reclining chair by adding an electric motor, allowing for easy patient recline with the touch of a button.

  • 25" ERGO Seat Height
  • 25" Extra Wide Seat
  • Twin Flip-Up "L" Arms
  • Arms Recline Back with Patient

Overall Dimensions

Seat Height Seat Width Weight Capacity Overall Dimensions
25" 25" 350 lbs 38"W x 67"D


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Product Options

VM5000 Electric Recline
VM5000 Electric Recline medical relining chair, medical relining chairs.

Price: $499.00

VM5000 Folding Trays
VM5000 Folding Trays medical relining chair, relining chair folding trays.

Price: $229.00

VM5000 Head Cover
VM5000 Head Cover medical relining chair, relining chair head cover, relining chair head covers.

Price: $69.00

Sliding L-Arm
Sliding L-Arm

Price: $66.00